What a beautiful Disaster

Something about myself,

Kassie, 24

A blonde with Bright blue Eyes
thats got An old soul in a young body.
I'm the type of girl who could have it all or nothing at all, it wouldn't bother me.
Give me the biggest house or make me a tree house out in the wilderness and ill make it great. My head is full of so many wild and wonderful ideas, my imagination is crazy, but strong and vivid... It saves me at times.
Art is my passion, its what drives me and gets me through. I can draw you anything ;)
Anything like, pottery/carvings/sculpting/body painting/
poetry/quotes/literature/any craft doing/movies/music/candle making/ even love making, i'm in!

Love photography, outdoors, I'm very philosophical, I have a huge heart <3 I'm very outgoing, Ill try anything once, love traveling and, i want to see the world.

September 19, 2012 4:46 pm
Lord this woman&#8230;. gahh

Lord this woman…. gahh